Introducing LNS AI Assist, developed by jounalists to improve the speed and accuracy of publishing news content

Video Editing

  • Identify highlights
  • Auto transcription
  • Content rating
  • Video cuts

Story Editing

  • First alert for wider filtering
  • First draft assistance with factual content
  • Proofing of content

Story promotion

  • Adapt stories to various platforms
  • Rework video for publishing
  • Push stories live 

Newsroom Computer Systems in a variety of formats to suit your organisation

LNS Cloud 9

Cloud native, cloud reliable

  • Cloud flexible & speed
  • Cloud deployed & delivered
  • Save floor space & energy
  • New Opex cost efficiency
  • Save CapEx & delivery time
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Cloud automation
  • Story centric
  • Built for your specific needs

LNS Hybrid & SaaS

On premises & cost efficient

  • Event driven
  • On the ground & in the cloud
  • Workflows in collaboration
  • Custom built with you
  • For your precise needs
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Pop up output as events require
  • Story centric team input & output

LNS on Premises

Based in Windows – Reliable

  • Inexpensive compared to other systems
  • Intuitive, simple to use, collaborative, quick to learn. 
  • Saves costs & time in training 
  • Widens scope for recruitment  
  • Puts story telling first, Systems second 
  • Multi media at its heart 

Our aim is for the content to be shaped by editorial priority, not forced by the software that made it, so journalists and producers find LNS intuitive and easy to work with.

LNS ticks all the boxes

Thorough study, evaluation and testing production methods, building technology from the ground up.

The patented LNS work flow system is the result of not only years of experience in journalism, broadcast production and multimedia technology.

A completely new system, which is more efficient and more competitive in ways of serving the multi media audience of today – and tomorrow.

A deep understanding of culture change and evolution in a rapidly changing marketplace.

LNS enables media to move faster by working together in Creative Collaboration and RealTime Co-Operation, across all platforms.

How LNS Leads Editorial Control


Journalists write their story, app and web page template in cues using a simple to use, multilingual Windows or browser based systems. As the story is changed and updated, all users are updated on developments.  Multimedia journalist can record voice overs and undertake a quick video and/or audio edit at their workstation, using the inbuilt timeline editor. 

After checking, the assigned journalist marks the resulting copy, which notifies it’s completed.  It is then marked as being ready for more senior editorial approval and placed in a pool of stories and content, ready to go into the running order with a simple drag and drop.

How LNS Leads Creative Freedom


LNS gives journalists greater creative freedom, with key tools including: A versatile feed and social media and wire reader, complete with inbuilt video player And a flexible, multilingual text editor with spell checker and proofing tools.

LNS allows incoming stories and news pools to be set up in a customizable hierarchy and organization. Users can create source information and story data in a way that suits them.

How LNS Sets the News Agenda


Journalists can quickly and easily browse for copy, pix, video and text, with a variety of information sources at their disposal: wire agencies, rss feeds, other websites, existing media archives, or external files. Outline structure with placeholders, are imbedded into LNS system.

News stories on individual subjects are assigned to journalists who can see the tasks assigned to them from their own login and work with others on the same slug lines and story titles.

How LNS Manages the News


The ability to assign news items to journalists makes it easy to distribute and manage the daily work load. Journalists can always see which stories are assigned to them. Managers at a single glance view the state of the stories and which parts have not yet been completed.

They can also track when changes have been carried out by users.

How LNS Gives Complete Control


There are separate and dedicated rights to view, edit, approve, schedule and publish news, which gives senior managers complete control over the system. 

The user action log allows managers to search and browse activities undertaken by each team member.

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