The first powerful software and integrated AI workflow tools specifically for journalists, to assist in reliable news and sport reporting, story centric collaboration and efficient linear and digital, multi version delivery.


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Forging transformational, creative change for media clients over 25 years, iO Media Systems now introduces LNS – the Live News & Sports System – harnessing your technology capabilities to your content aspirations, keeping you ahead in the increasingly competitive media landscape.

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iO Media works with Multi Media News Leaders around the world.

Newsroom Computer Systems in a variety of formats to suit your organisation

LNS Cloud 9

Cloud native, cloud reliable

LNS Hybrid & SaaS

On premises & cost efficient

LNS on Premises

Based in Windows – Reliable

LNS works the way journalists and producers think, because they designed it.

LNS ticks all the boxes

Thorough study, evaluation and testing production methods, building technology from the ground up.

The patented LNS work flow system is the result of not only years of experience in journalism, broadcast production and multimedia technology.

A completely new system, which is more efficient and more competitive in ways of serving the multi media audience of today – and tomorrow.

A deep understanding of culture change and evolution in a rapidly changing marketplace.

LNS Cloud 9

LNS Cloud 9 provides the first powerful software and workflow tools for live news and sport planning, input, output, story centric collaboration, OTT and digital publishing. End to end simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

With the success of deep culture change experience to harness new technology.

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